Natural complementary mixture

Based on the buckwheat extract, Apisterol is an effective and fully natural feed mixture for bee colonies.

High Technology

Growth stimulation

Apisterol stimulates families and significantly increases egg production by queens.

Quality Product

More honey

Apisterol makes it possible to obtain an average of 49% more honey than in control colonies.


Apisterol Technologies

A joint venture of Polish scientists specializing in the production and development of plant growth regulators, as well as effective health-promoting products.

Our products

We rely only on natural ingredients

An outstanding group of Polish and Belarusian specialists working with Apisterol is a team of the best scientists in their field. Extensive experience supported by years of hard research work has led us to create the perfect products for bees.

By choosing our natural products, you can be sure that by following our recommendations you will achieve incomparably greater volatility of bee colonies, and thus you will record an average of 49% higher honey yield.

100% Organic


Product does not adversely affect bees and honey.



The excellent results of the research prompted us to verify them in other climatic regions and bee breeds. Therefore, we invite you to cooperate in this verification. Check the test results!


Research results

A group of Polish scientists has developed a unique production technology for the mixtures for bees. This preparation is a natural buckwheat extract, standardized to 24-epibrassinolide and currently registered in the European Union as a complementary feed for bees. Apisterol promotes the laying of mothers, increasing it by 1.4-1.7 times, and the production of honey by nearly 50%.


Apisterol is harmless to bees. The use of the preparation in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations stimulates the development of bee colonies and effectively increases their honey yield. Beekeeping products after applying Apisterol can be used without restrictions.

Proper development

It should also be noted that feeding the colonies with Apisterol did not increase their aggressiveness. According to our observations, the number of emerging colonies in the experimental and control bee colonies was approximately the same.

Multiple Benefits

Together, we create a better future for bee colonies from all over the world. Join us and see how much you can gain from Apisterol.

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More honey

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